House Call TeleMed services put you in contact with the very best healthcare providers in the business. You will have scope_cut private contact with a physician. This is achieved by means of video conferencing software. Right now our preferred conferencing solution is Vsee, not because it is any better than other platforms, but simply because of the need for one standard application. Vsee was selected because it is free, reliable and most widely used. For the most part, all medical specialties may be the subject of a successful telemedicine consultation. It is, however, the behavioral specialties that best lend themselves to video conferencing.

We will send a medical technician to your home with all the necessary telecommunication and medical equipment and you will have live primary and urgent care in your own home.  This system is especially useful for medicare beneficiaries in that they may have there Annual Wellness or Welcome to Medicare physical in their home.  Give us a try … our fees are surprisingly low. It’s easy! To become a House Call TeleMed patient all you need to do to initiate a services is to call the number on our contact page or send us a message from the same page.

You’ve made the right choice.  We are so glad you did.  We pride ourselves on being a revolutionary network of physicians that uses the faults of the current healthcare system as a starting point to make the necessary changes in working with our patients to ensure timely access to healthcare services using the most advanced telemedicine services and technologies.  Just call or click the Book Appointment button to the right and we’re off!