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House Call Telemed is your sole source for live, on-demand preventive, early intervention and urgent care. 

Our services are developed by leaders in the managed care industry. In an industry dominated by the bottom line and profit margins, we have created a dynamic service delivery system that utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled care available anywhere, anytime.  Quality of care remains the prime but cost-effectiveness is assured by the elimination of inefficiencies.


House Call TeleMed’s primary mission is to create a telemedicine system that offers convenient, affordable and accessible medical care to those people that are too ill, disabled, or otherwise unable to reach a medical facility. Additionally, we strive to support the development of Telemedicine technology and its capability to provide on-demand, expert medical services to residents of the Unites States and the World.


Our commitment is to our customers. It’s that simple. We will do whatever it takes tooffer YOU the very best telemedicine services available. Our efforts are always focused on using technology to develop better and more efficient healthcare systems that can enhance your ability to care for your patients while increasing your revenues.


Our company's insight and expertise comes from decade’s worth of medical and technical industry experience and operation. Our  owner-physicians are medical field leaders that have dedicated their lives to providing quality healthcare and advancing the medical field.

Recently our services have been used by one of the major contributors in the field of Medicare, Quality Health Plans of New York. Working in conjunction with their Member Outreach department to identify high-risk members who require frequent medical assistance, we have been able to deploy our providers and greatly reduce the chance of medical emergencies for such members. This idea of Preventive Healthcare has allowed Quality Health Plans of New York to greatly reduce the number of emergency room visits for their high-risk members and overall improve the general health of their subscribers. This progressive Healthcare Delivery Model has been recognized by their leadership as one of the most important additions to their health plan in recent years.

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