Our Vision

House Call TeleMed consists of a network of independent physicians and physician groups united in their desire to improve patient care and eliminate inefficiencies through the use of telemedicine technology. Our purpose is to establish  a strong base of qualified and reputable physicians that can support each other and create a unified network that can be truly beneficial to both physicians and patients alike. In addition we strive to provide the finest quality of care to the patients that seek medical care and assistance.doc-old

In today’s demanding world of healthcare we feel it is the utmost responsibility of our physician leaders to direct us in the proper education of healthcare, change in the field, developments of the most crucial techniques and technology in providing efficient yet, thorough care.

We pride ourselves on being a revolutionary network of physicians that uses the faults of the current healthcare system as a starting point to make the necessary changes in working with our patients to ensure timely access to healthcare services using the most advanced telemedicine services and technologies.

House Call TeleMed will establish a Medical House Call Team in different states to provide live, on-demand primary and urgent care in the patient’s home or other convenient locations as a Virtual Medical Center.


Housecall TeleMed will establish a Medical House Call Team in different states to provide services in the patient’s home or other convenient.

Our goals are:

  • To provide medical care to those living in underserved areas.
  • To provide medical services at our patient’s homes when the patient is unable to go to their doctor’s office.
  • To provide services at nursing homes or ALF’s to reduce Emergency Room visits by those patients.
  • To provide services at other convenient locations including Virtual Medical Centers, retail and community centers by building a network of accessible telemedicine centers.